Wine Time. A Savvy Blanc?

This winter has been endless.  This March came in like a polar bear instead of a lion and I was beginning to think I was never going to see what was beneath all the snow we had.  Yesterday, mother nature decided to be kind to us and the temperature reached the low 50s.

The warmish weather and the birds singing their ‘bring spring’ songs made me long for a cold glass of wine.  As luck would have it, I had this  Robert Mondavi Private Selection 2012 Sauvignon Blanc chilling in my fridge!

I was looking for a light glass of wine to transport me to a summer day and this Mondavi does the job.  You can smell citrus and the first word I thought of after my first sip was “crisp.”

Yes, crisp.  Like the type of wine you want to drink when it hot and humid out.  The type of wine you want to sip while you are sitting out the back porch while the kiddos are running around catching fireflies.    So yes, this blanc was definitely savvy.


savvy (ˈsævɪ) —vb, -vies, -vying, -vied: 1. to understand or get the sense of (an idea, etc) 2. no savvy I don’t (he doesn’t, etc) understand

Hiding From The Kids

One night, after going to the store to pick up the essentials (milk, diapers and wine) I stayed in my car after pulling in my driveway.  I told myself I wanted to listen to the end of a song.  At the end of that song, I stayed in my car.

I picked up the phone and called my folks.   See, that’s what those people who have no friends do, they call their folks.

My Dad answered and I told him that if the bottle of wine that was in my car had a twist off top I would be drinking it.  It had been that kind of a day.

I guess, when you have a two year old who doesn’t like to nap, that is a typical day.

That call was a few months ago.  Every now and then my Dad likes to ask if I’m hiding in my car again when I call and he doesn’t hear the kids.

Sometimes he can be a sarcastic bastard.

I feel the need to point out a few things:

  • My husband was home with the kids during this time.
  • I was in the driveway – I would never drink a bottle of wine while driving.
  • My Dad really is a sarcastic bastard. But I tell him that with love.  We have that kind of relationship.

I wonder if there is a study about the number of parents who have at one time or another hid from their kids?  Sometimes you just need 5 minutes to just BREATHE and regroup.

Have you ever hid from your kids?

Wine Time: Tempted By A Tempranillo

I was really looking forward to this Campo Viejo Rioja Tempranillo 2010.

I mean,  I’ve been almost counting the minutes for the kids bedtime to open this bottle.  I love tempranillos and I hadn’t tried this particular one yet.

Then this happened.

This is why I like screw tops on wine.

Do you see the bobbing cork?

If this isn’t an endorsement for screw tops on wine, I don’t know what is.

It took a good 10 minutes to get the cork to budge either in or out of the bottle. I ended up using a pairing knife to push it in.

I know what you’re thinking.    Why?

I say why not?

Besides, I threw out the receipt.

Are there cork strainers that one could purchase? Or do you need to use your tea strainer to gather those bits of cork that come out and ruin your glass of wine?

I poured out a little of the wine and dumped it out because that had a lot of those corky bits.

The second glass was going to be mine no matter what.

Damn! Where is that tea strainer? I know I have one.

I only had to take out a few large chunks of cork, so that was a plus. Then I took a sip.
The description is accurate. I mean, its a red wine, so duh – its going to have aromas of red fruit and spices. Its that whole vanilla thing that gets me. What’s with the vanilla? This is the second bottle in two weeks claiming a vanilla taste and I don’t taste it.

I like this wine. The first sip was a little rough.  But I think that was just some of the cork (ha ha).  But all in all its a good tempranillo.

Will we finish the bottle? That all depends on the way the cork disintegrates.

Wine Time: This Cupcake Was No Angel

This week I’m starting a new feature. Tuesday will be reviews of wines or any other libation that tickles my tongue. teehee. Did I just write that? PLEASE NOTE – I’m no expert. I like what I like and I’ll try not to sound to pretentious.

Since this blog is called Boxed Whine In Suburbia, what kind of person would I be if I didn’t talk about wine in some way? For the first official ‘review’ I opened two bottles. The first wine was Layer Cake‘s Shiraz and the second wine was Cupcake‘s Angel Food.

For some reason I feel the need to state that I usually don’t have that many open bottles of wine around. However, this past weekend we were suppose to have a wine tasting with the in-laws.  It turned out to be just drinking one bottle with dinner.

After the in-laws left that night we ended up needing another drink so I picked Layer Cake Shiraz 2011 and it was just OKAY. My first thought was that it seemed thick and jammy.   I could taste blueberries and it did have that peppery aftertaste one gets from a Shiraz.  We had just finished a really good bottle of Tempranillo, so I think that may have clouded my judgement.

Layer Cake's 2011 Shiraz.  The glass seems small because we nearly finished it before I remembered to take a picture.

Layer Cake’s 2011 Shiraz. The glass seems small because we nearly finished it before I remembered to take a picture.

I’m a red wine gal. I don’t hate white wines, but I prefer reds.  Cupcake is one of my favorite brands so when I saw the Angel Food, I thought I would give it a try.  I love reading the descriptions on the back of the wine bottles, don’t you?  The back of Angel Food states that there are hints of granny smith apples and vanilla just like in Angel Food cupcakes.  Hmm. . .

The hubby tried Cupcake‘s Angel Food with me. He loved it!  I wouldn’t say I hated it, but I wouldn’t say I liked it. I ended up trying it again last night (for research purposes, of course). The only time I got any type of vanilla flavor was when I let it warm up in my mouth a bit. That sounds gross and at the time I kinda thought it was gross as well.

Cupcake Angel Food.  This was the very first glass of this bottle.  Yes, that's one of the kiddos sippy cup next to the wine glass.  No, that's not wine in it. :p

Cupcake Angel Food. This was the very first glass of this bottle. Yes, that’s one of the kiddos sippy cup next to the wine glass. No, that’s not wine in it. :p

I won’t go as far as saying both bottles were a bust.  I won’t stop buying Cupcake reds and the Shiraz made me curious of the other reds  Layer Cake has available.


What’s your favorite wine?