Losing It! Walking 5 (00) miles

Yesterday,  my sister and I walked a 5.5 mile trail with my three year old.

It went surprisingly well.

There is this great prairie trail in my town that I have always wanted to walk.  I guess I could technically run it. But let’s not get too crazy.

My sister and I joined this dietbet last week and we both need to lose 8 lbs in less than a month.  We both needed some motivation to exercise so we decided a walk would do us good.

She suggested this trail.  We put D’s tricycle in the car and headed to the park. 

It was a great Fall day for a walk.  It was sunny and warm.  We started out well.  About a mile into it D was done peddling himself.  Luckily,  his tricycle has one of those bars for parents to push the bike.

My sister and I pushed D the entire rest of the way.  Up hills, down hills, all the time pushing in gravel. Towards the 4 mile mark D lost his shit. 

I couldn’t blame him.  He’s 3. It was hot.  He was hungry.  Even with us pushing,  his little legs were still peddling the bike.  
In the end a bribe of ice cream got him back on his bike.   He refused to talk when I asked him questions, though. He would do what he was told but he wasn’t happy about it.  

It ended up taking us three hours to do the trail.  We saw lots of fuzzy caterpillars,  D pet one of them.  We saw a number of small snakes. D wanted to touch them but I said nope.    We saw a marsh and a nice pond.

It was a great day.  We ended up getting a full body workout.   Pushing D in gravel wasn’t easy.  

I’m proud of my little man. He did a great job.  His melt down could have been much worse.   Luckily,  he got over it fast.  Otherwise, we might still be on that trail.

I would do the trail again.  But I’m not so sure D would.  I don’t think my sister would go either.