Keeps Me On My Toes

Friday was one of those weird days where D (the three year old) did and said things that kept me on my toes.

It started when he came down the stairs in the morning telling me he was mad at me.

“Why, baby?”

“Because you turned me blue.”

He woke up angry at me for turning him blue in his dream.  In his dream, people. His dream!

“Oh, well, I’m sorry about that.  Wasn’t it great being like a smurf?”

“No, MOMMY!”

Um, ok.  At least he knows his colors.  I could have turned him polka dot.

A few hours past and I was watching a show where someone got a statue of a poodle.

“Look, Mommy.  It’s a moose.”

“No, kiddo.  It’s a poodle.”  This one actually made me giggle for a while.  Also, it reminded me that we need to go to the zoo again, soon.

A little later, this needed to happen.


It was too quite.  D had gone to the bathroom and I was really hoping that he was going in there to try to go, you know?  He still refuses to potty train.

Nope.  He had the Wookie, aka Rookie, in the cat box walking in the litter.    At least it was a part of the box that hadn’t been used, yet.

I washed the guy in serious cleaner and then rinsed in super hot water.

Being a Mom is never dull, that’s for sure.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Mr. Independent

Our first kid was great when he was two.  Everyone talks about the terrible twos.   I think we mentally ‘battened down the hatches’ when M turned two expecting the horror that comes with having a two year old.  Nothing happened that we couldn’t handle.  When M turned three it was a little bumpy but we thought we had it pretty good.

We decided we should have another kid because the first kid was pretty easy going.  Looking back, I think having a first child who is well behaved is a sick cosmic joke.  You mistakenly think that the second kid will be just like the first.  You think you can handle anything a second kid can throw at you.   Who knew that they would literally be throwing things at you?!

Right now D is throwing his wish for independence at me.  D turned 2 at the end of June but he has had this independent streak in him since he was a baby.    I do love that about him, don’t get me wrong.   That independence will help him gain confidence in himself and help him (hopefully) throughout his life.

It’s just that it’s tough to just let him do what he wants to do (within reason).

At the park today he told me to go away and leave him alone while he was playing.  I stepped back a few spaces but that wasn’t good enough for him.  I ended up sitting on a bench that to me seemed too far away but was perfect for him.

Turns out, he was really good at climbing the ladders at the playground without me.  Every now and then he looked for me to make sure I was at my bench.  It made me a little sad that I wasn’t needed.

When it was time to go he ran up to me and hugged me.   I guess he still needs his mommy sometimes, after all.