Wine Time. A Savvy Blanc?

This winter has been endless.  This March came in like a polar bear instead of a lion and I was beginning to think I was never going to see what was beneath all the snow we had.  Yesterday, mother nature decided to be kind to us and the temperature reached the low 50s.

The warmish weather and the birds singing their ‘bring spring’ songs made me long for a cold glass of wine.  As luck would have it, I had this  Robert Mondavi Private Selection 2012 Sauvignon Blanc chilling in my fridge!

I was looking for a light glass of wine to transport me to a summer day and this Mondavi does the job.  You can smell citrus and the first word I thought of after my first sip was “crisp.”

Yes, crisp.  Like the type of wine you want to drink when it hot and humid out.  The type of wine you want to sip while you are sitting out the back porch while the kiddos are running around catching fireflies.    So yes, this blanc was definitely savvy.


savvy (ˈsævɪ) —vb, -vies, -vying, -vied: 1. to understand or get the sense of (an idea, etc) 2. no savvy I don’t (he doesn’t, etc) understand