Losing It. Just Run, right?

My kindergartner is doing a fun run at school this Friday.  He has been ‘training’ which involves running around the house.  It looks so easy.  He is just running.

So why am I having a problem starting to run?

I have started to do a little running.  I run pushing D in his stroller from the bus stop to our house in the morning after we drop off M.  That is a start, right?

Am I afraid of succeeding?

I had gone to a therapist when I was battling with postpartum depression after M was born.  In the last session with her, I mentioned about being afraid of succeeding.  She told me that was interesting and wrote down a whole hell of a lot of notes.    Is that what my problem is now?

Um, no.

Fat jiggle.

They have sports boulder-holders for the boobies but they don’t have fat holders for all the other jiggly bits overweight people have.  Yeah, I’m down some pounds and I’m getting a little bit more toned than I had been before.  BUT, there is a whole lotta BUTT that jiggles when I run.  It kinda hurts.

But I need to run that BUTT off, right?


I need some tough love, people.  Please give me some advice.

Wanting To Lose

I am taking a big step today and writing about my new journey towards losing weight.

I am a big girl.  Just writing that last sentence took some courage because I don’t like to really admit it.  I mean I joke about it, but I don’t like to THINK of myself as a big girl.

I know I can lose weight because I did it before.  Since puberty, I have been overweight.  In my mid to late 20s I lost a lot of weight.  Then I got married and popped out two kids and went back to my old bad habits.

I don’t like being unhealthy.  I don’t like being out of shape.  I want to be able to play with my kids and not worry about getting out of breath when I run after them.  I want to be able to go on bike rides with my family this year.   I want to run a 5k.

I recently saw a picture of myself and I thought “That’s Enough!”.  So I started back up on Weight Watchers.  That was February 16th.  I’ve lost 8 pounds so far.

So, why am I writing about this?
I want to be accountable for my weight loss.  Every Wednesday, I will post about my journey. The good days and the bad days.  I will post about the Full Body Torture class I take on Mondays and the conversations I have with myself over the food choices I make.