Keeps Me On My Toes

Friday was one of those weird days where D (the three year old) did and said things that kept me on my toes.

It started when he came down the stairs in the morning telling me he was mad at me.

“Why, baby?”

“Because you turned me blue.”

He woke up angry at me for turning him blue in his dream.  In his dream, people. His dream!

“Oh, well, I’m sorry about that.  Wasn’t it great being like a smurf?”

“No, MOMMY!”

Um, ok.  At least he knows his colors.  I could have turned him polka dot.

A few hours past and I was watching a show where someone got a statue of a poodle.

“Look, Mommy.  It’s a moose.”

“No, kiddo.  It’s a poodle.”  This one actually made me giggle for a while.  Also, it reminded me that we need to go to the zoo again, soon.

A little later, this needed to happen.


It was too quite.  D had gone to the bathroom and I was really hoping that he was going in there to try to go, you know?  He still refuses to potty train.

Nope.  He had the Wookie, aka Rookie, in the cat box walking in the litter.    At least it was a part of the box that hadn’t been used, yet.

I washed the guy in serious cleaner and then rinsed in super hot water.

Being a Mom is never dull, that’s for sure.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Losing It. Some Results

It has been almost a month since I’ve written a Losing It post.  That doesn’t mean I stopped my weight loss journey.  It just means I was exhausted from all the exercise to turn on the computer to type a post.  🙂

In all seriousness, I was exhausted and sore.  A good sore (does that make me a sadist?).  Although, there were a few days where I tweaked my back from the Total Body Torture class.  Also, the few days it took all that I had to go up and down the stairs after countless squats.  Side note: you should have seen me try to get up off the potty those days.  Oh, those were sad days.  BUT, that’s what happens when you are out of shape and working on getting into shape.

I’ve been struggling with one freaking pound that keeps coming and going for a couple of weeks.  I’m kicking it into high gear this week and trying to eat better and putting extra effort into my work outs.


Today, I took D to the zoo.  Wednesday is the day I typically go to yoga.  But it was such a gorgeous day, I would much rather be outside and enjoy it with D.

D is such a boy, all he wanted  to see were snakes, alligators and lizards.  We walked all over the zoo.   In the past, I would have been exhausted just walking from the car to the entrance.  By the end of the trip I would have a backache and my feet would hurt.   Not Today.  I had tons of energy throughout our trip to the zoo. I even ran after D a few times and I wasn’t out of breath.

If The Capri Fits

Last Spring, I bought some capri pants that ended up being too tight.  For whatever reason, I didn’t take them back.  I saw them in my closet last week and tried them on.  Guess what?  They fit now!  They still are a little snug, but I can wear them.


What’s next?  With this 5k coming up in June, I need to start running.  But I keep hearing that voice in the my head telling me that I’m a Fatty McFatty who shouldn’t run.  I need to tell her to shut it.