Losing It! Motivation


It’s happened.   Hard core.

I lost the motivation I once had to lose weight and to eat healthy.

The last time I worked out at the gym was three weeks ago.  The last time I worked out was that 5 1/2 mile walk last Monday.

I’m not eating right either.  I had vegetables with my Chinese food for lunch today.  But those veggies were slathered in sauce.  I’m debating about making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch because I’m not in the mood to cook.

Inner Dialogue Time.  Or soliloquy, if you will.  And I will.

I don’t want to be fat again.  I won’t.

So what do I need to do?

Bitch.  Put. Down. The. Chocolate.

Grab the gym bag that you packed three weeks ago and head to the gym.

You better work.

And yes, my goal is to be a supermodel.

Not really.

I would need some serious facial reconstruction surgery for that.

Social Media Failure. Link This.

I googled LinkedIn on my phone and it autocorrected itself with Let’s Get Naked.


Of course, I giggled for a few minutes.  I mean.  I do need a job.  But, I’m fairly certain that LinkedIn isn’t used for that type of work. I mean, it could be.  And that would be OK.  I’m not judging peoples professions.

I kept getting emails saying I had requests to connect so I figured it was time to hop back on that website.

Only.  I hate going onto LinkedIn.  I know people say Facebook makes people depressed.  But not me.

Looking at LinkedIn makes me feel like a big pile of dog shit.  I seriously start to get a panic attack looking at all these people in one of my former “professional” lives.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m actually really happy for all these people who are Senior Directors or Vice President of Such and Such.  But shitttttttttt.

Here’s my question.  Do I ‘connect’ with people who I’m also friends with on FB?  I typically don’t.  It’s just that if we do something that is of a professional nature, sure. But I’m not going to connect with you just because we met once at a party years ago and your FB posts make me laugh.

I really must not be using LinkedIn to its potential.

Is LinkedIn worth it??

Only Patch

My Dad, Patch, is a petty ‘cool dude.’ His words, not mine.

He came over bright and early to watch the boys while I went to a Parent Teacher Conference today.  
He brought doughnuts for the boys.  He brought the vacuum for me. 

Sidenote: we can’t keep a vacuum cleaner alive in this house.   We went through two in one month.  I didn’t ask him to bring it. He thought I needed it.

By the time I got home from the conference,  my Dad had vacuumed all the rooms that needed it.  He even cleaned the cat box.  And washed it.  He told me three times that he washed it.

We all went to drop off the youngest at preschool and then came back home.

That’s when my Dad went a tiny little bit crazy.

He took the vacuum to my garage.


I’m not sure my Mom would like the thought that the house vacuum cleaner was used for my garage.

My house is not that much of a mess.  I actually mopped the hardwood floors yesterday.   Its just when Patch has a bee in his cap you just step out of the way and let him do whatever he needs to do.

I love him. He drives me crazy sometimes.  But I love him.

Way Too Early

Woke up at 6 (that’s A.M.) to my three year old telling me that the droids and rookies were coming.

It tooks a minute to compute.
Then I told him that it’s Wa Wa Wookies. I then informed him that the Wookies were the good guys.

“No, Mommy, rookies were always bad guys!”

1. It is waay too early for this
2. What the hell is he watching with his Daddy?
3.  What does he know about Rookies, um, I mean Wookies that I don’t know?
4. Coffee.  I need lots and lots of coffee before I finish this conversation with my son.


Losing It! Walking 5 (00) miles

Yesterday,  my sister and I walked a 5.5 mile trail with my three year old.

It went surprisingly well.

There is this great prairie trail in my town that I have always wanted to walk.  I guess I could technically run it. But let’s not get too crazy.

My sister and I joined this dietbet last week and we both need to lose 8 lbs in less than a month.  We both needed some motivation to exercise so we decided a walk would do us good.

She suggested this trail.  We put D’s tricycle in the car and headed to the park. 

It was a great Fall day for a walk.  It was sunny and warm.  We started out well.  About a mile into it D was done peddling himself.  Luckily,  his tricycle has one of those bars for parents to push the bike.

My sister and I pushed D the entire rest of the way.  Up hills, down hills, all the time pushing in gravel. Towards the 4 mile mark D lost his shit. 

I couldn’t blame him.  He’s 3. It was hot.  He was hungry.  Even with us pushing,  his little legs were still peddling the bike.  
In the end a bribe of ice cream got him back on his bike.   He refused to talk when I asked him questions, though. He would do what he was told but he wasn’t happy about it.  

It ended up taking us three hours to do the trail.  We saw lots of fuzzy caterpillars,  D pet one of them.  We saw a number of small snakes. D wanted to touch them but I said nope.    We saw a marsh and a nice pond.

It was a great day.  We ended up getting a full body workout.   Pushing D in gravel wasn’t easy.  

I’m proud of my little man. He did a great job.  His melt down could have been much worse.   Luckily,  he got over it fast.  Otherwise, we might still be on that trail.

I would do the trail again.  But I’m not so sure D would.  I don’t think my sister would go either.  

Losing It! Rocking In My New Jeans.

Note to self:  Wear yoga pants and underwear that fit you to work out.  Burpees are not conducive with baggy pants.  Especially if you are at a crowded gym.

Let’s just say I speak from experience.

Let’s just say that I had a fashion emergency.

OK. OK.  If it wasn’t for my long T-Shirt, I would have shown everyone my lady parts.  Hey, I just wanted people to check out my ass.

I don’t do squats for nothin’.

I recently donated all my size 20 pants.  I officially own more yoga pants than jeans. Don’t worry, most of my yoga pants fit me fine.  I went down to a size 18 jean, but they were a little loose on me.  So, for shits and giggles I tried on a pair of size 16W jeans.

Guess what??

For the first time in almost 10 years, I was able to put on AND button a pair of 16W jeans!!  OMG. OMG.  I was soo freaking excited.  I was doing a happy dance in the dressing room.  I think I actually squeed!  (not peed – squee, people, squee)

I’m making sure I’m adding the “W” with the size because I’m pretty sure the fact that the jeans are still made for the WIDE girl is why the size 16 jeans fit.  I’m not entirely convinced I’ll be able to fit into the regular 16s.  I remember being 20 pounds lighter the last time I was able to put my fat ass in a size 16 jeans.

Even if the jeans are made for the wider size 16, I’m happy.

I’m happy that all the hard work is beginning to really show.

No Coffee??

I’ve been having problems sleeping lately.

Strike that.

I have a three year old that has not been sleeping through the night lately.  When I wake up with him it can take me hours to fall back asleep.

I went to the doctor a few weeks ago for a check up and she asked me about my sleeping habits.   Between the few hours of sleep and the amount of coffee I drink, she wasn’t happy with me.

Apparently, I shouldn’t be consuming three or more cups of coffee a day.  She actually told me I had to stop drinking coffee.

Stop drinking coffee????

How am I suppose to function?  I have two kiddos I have to take care of during the day.  Does she want me to walk around in a dazed zombie mom state all day?  That is exactly what’ll happen if I don’t have coffee.

I laughed in her face.

OK.  So I laughed at her in my head.  I try not to be rude to people who provide medical care to me.

Maybe I do have a coffee problem.

Yeah, right.


When I saw this on the Pinterest* it spoke to me on soo many levels.

*Hey, I’m on the Pinterest @mslaw06