Losing It! Mommy Guilt

I lost another pound this week, so there is that.  Yeah!

Mommy Guilt

I keep telling myself that I’m doing this all for my boys.  I’m eating healthier and working out to be a better more active mom for the kiddos.  However, some days D doesn’t want to be in the kid care area.  He typically is a happy kid and wants to play with other kids.  It’s those days when he is crying for me not to leave that I feel a little guilty.

Working It!

I ended up working out 5 days last week.  I’m taking advantage of D being in preschool for two hours on Tuesday and Thursday by spending that time doing weights and taking a class.  I took Zumba last Thursday.  I’ve taking Zumba a few times over the past few years.  I always think that I can do that.  But I can’t.  I have no sense of rhythm, at all.  I may or may not go back again tomorrow.

At the table

Kale.  Fucking Kale.  I bought one of those huge Costco size bags of kale last week.  I’ve been eating kale in everything for lunch and dinner since Friday.

No. More. Kale. PLEASE.

When I was typing up my kale notes for this post on my phone, it auto corrected kale to kake.  Which got me thinking. . .

If you added kale to your cake batter whey smoothie would it be called a Kake smoothie???



This weekend may be a challenge because of a family get together.  Next week is Spring Break for the kiddos and the gym is doing a weird Spring Break schedule.  I’m a little nervous that these changes in my schedule is going to mess up my diet.

Losing It! Total Body Torture

First off, I want to thank all of you who reached out and sent me words of encouragement after my post last Wednesday.  Your words meant a lot to me.  Thank you!

Weekly Recap

There was stress eating involved at the end of last week and I’m not proud of it.  Both boys had colds last week and they didn’t sleep well.  Which means I didn’t sleep well.  No sleep means, I wasn’t motivated for much of anything.  Boo.

I was able to lose 1 pound, so there’s that.

Work It!

Total Body Pilates is on Mondays.  It is not really Pilates.  The first time I took it, I’ll be honest, I was pissed off because the name of the class is misleading. What the class is, is free weights and some (a very tiny bit) core work.  I called it Total Body Torture because the next day I was in some serious pain.  Everything was sore. I do realize that pain is a good thing, so I’ve been going back.  The instructor is a bit scary for a class with Pilates in the title. A drill sergeant would be nicer.  Shouldn’t Pilates instructors be calmer?  However, she does make you push harder and that’s what I need sometimes.

Goal For The Week

My goal for the week is to make time to work out 5 days this week.  My goal is to alternate days with cardio and weights.  I shouldn’t be afraid of weights.  Why do those machines scare me?

As for the diet, I need to make sure there are more vegetables around that I can snack on.   I have tons of fruit around, but not a lot of veggies that I can grab and go for a snack.

Next Week

I’ll be writing about feeling mom guilt during this weight loss journey.

Wanting To Lose

I am taking a big step today and writing about my new journey towards losing weight.

I am a big girl.  Just writing that last sentence took some courage because I don’t like to really admit it.  I mean I joke about it, but I don’t like to THINK of myself as a big girl.

I know I can lose weight because I did it before.  Since puberty, I have been overweight.  In my mid to late 20s I lost a lot of weight.  Then I got married and popped out two kids and went back to my old bad habits.

I don’t like being unhealthy.  I don’t like being out of shape.  I want to be able to play with my kids and not worry about getting out of breath when I run after them.  I want to be able to go on bike rides with my family this year.   I want to run a 5k.

I recently saw a picture of myself and I thought “That’s Enough!”.  So I started back up on Weight Watchers.  That was February 16th.  I’ve lost 8 pounds so far.

So, why am I writing about this?
I want to be accountable for my weight loss.  Every Wednesday, I will post about my journey. The good days and the bad days.  I will post about the Full Body Torture class I take on Mondays and the conversations I have with myself over the food choices I make.