Happy New Year!


M and I made a banner for our family party tonight.  I love how M drew a baby T Rex over the H.  I hadn’t told him yet about how a baby represents the new year. 

Be safe tonight & I wish you only the best for 2014!*

*because wishing you a shitty new year would be mean.

Wine Time. What’s In A Name

Just like with books, you should never judge a wine by its cover (or label.)


I picked up this bottle because a) I love the name and b) it was on sale.

I was so disappointed by how flipping awful this swill is.
I can’t even finish the bottle it’s so freaking bad.

It’s a sad day when a mommy can’t enjoy a glass of wine.

Mom Guilt

At this very moment my kid is watching the Sesame Street segment where the (m)uppets kids hid one of the adults phones because she was texting too much & not paying attention to the kids.

I’m refusing to feel mom guilt about the fact that I’m doing things on my phone . . .

I refuse to feel guilt right now  because my kiddo is watching the show while under the table pooping.
He’s pooping in his diaper, not on the floor.

More to come on the subject.
The phone issue, not the poop.
Ok. Maybe the poop, too. 

Monday Rambelings

D didn’t nap today.

If you have ever had a two year old who has missed their nap, you know the hell that I just experienced this afternoon between 2-6.

On the bright side, D and I went on a quest this morning for tahini paste.  I do enjoy checking out grocery stores that cater to different cultures.  I love seeing the different produce as well as the various other products that are popular in those cultures.

I’m pretty sure D somehow grated the entire piece of ginger that was in the cart with him throughout the one store.  He refuses to sit in the front so he was in the basket with the items I wanted to purchase.  I saw the evidence of grated ginger on the bottom of the cart near where he was sitting.  The ginger was missing.  He was quiet for a while when I was meandering throughout the store but he was sitting down, so I thought I didn’t have to worry.  I should have known better.

We ended up finding tahini at the fancy organic store that is near us.  I had to ask if the store carried it.   I guess it makes sense logically that a product made from sesame seed would be next to the peanut butter.  I just would have thought it would be near the middle eastern items.   Maybe they should have some sort of sign for people like me.   Something like:

Did you know: Tahini is sesame seed paste.  What else is made from nuts?  That’s the aisle it’ll be in.    🙂

The sign would HAVE to include the smiley face.  You know, just like those emails or texts you get from people that tell you something mean but they don’t want you to be mad at them.   You know like:

You have 10 minutes to bring that report to the CEO 🙂


I’m fucking someone else 🙂

You know, the smiley face helps ease the pain of the bad news.

Back to the tahini paste.  I’m going to try to make homemade hummus. Wish me luck.

Looking On The Bright Side

This Friday has started out kinda poopy.    D (the two year old) stuck his toothbrush down the sink.  Its stuck good and tight.  There a few other issues today, but I’m going to try to focus on some positive things.

  • M (the five year old) seems to love school.  I hope he continues to love school, at least for this year anyway.
  • This Sunday is the Ingathering Ceremony at my church.   This service also includes what is called a Water Communion. Members bring some water from a place that they went to over the summer Or from a place that is special to them.  We all pour our water into a basin and it symbolizes the coming together of the congregation back from summer. I love watching families tell us where their water is from.
  • This Sunday also is the public dedication of the new sanctuary at my church.  Its  a really big deal even the president of the UUA will be there.

(I realize both of those two are religious based, this blog won’t be preachy.  In fact, if I do write anything regarding religion it may be about questioning my own beliefs.)

  • It’s September, which means Fall is just around the corner.  I love the cooler weather and when the leaves change color.
  • I’m writing again!!  It’s been a long time since I actually wrote anything.
  • Tonight is pizza, popcorn, milkshakes and movie night with my boys!
  • Some people are reading my blog and I have proof.

Guess what?  I feel better.  Thanks for helping me look on the bright side of life.  I typically expect the Spanish Inquisition. 🙂


I <3 the Barry (But he never wrote a Mary song)

I was watching a rerun of Glee the other night. It was the one where they sing songs that were guilty pleasures. One of the characters said he loved Barry Manilow. Guess what? I ❤ Barry Manilow too and I’m not ashamed to say it!

When I was a kid, we had a few of his albums including Even Now and my sisters and I would sing all the songs together and sometimes we would do a dance routine for “Copacabana (At The Copa)*.”

It took me years to realize that the line is ‘The hottest spot north of Havana’ and not ‘the hottest but no show for Vanna’. I was a kid. My Dad loves Wheel of Fortune. The line sounded fine to me that way.

Even Now was the start of my true love for music. Barry Manilow is a genius singer/songwriter.
Do you disagree with me? Who is your guilty pleasure singer/songwriter?

*Years later we had a prank caller and the only way to get rid of them was to crank “Copacabana (At The Copa)” and put it next to the phone.

Español: Disco de vinilo simple de "Mandy...

Español: Disco de vinilo simple de “Mandy”, interpretado por Barry Manilow (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Please note that I’m not talking about musicianship, this post is strictly about singing/songwriting. There will be further posts on music in the future.

My Stinky Monkeys

Today, as my 5 year old and I were running through Target to catch the 2 year old I did briefly think  ‘What is stopping me from just letting the boys run wild and me going to the liquor aisle, take anything I can open, sit down and just drink.”

Then my 5 year old starting laughing about how absurd (ok, my word not his) the situation is and all I could do was laugh with him. Because it was funny.  Can you imagine what the security guards were seeing on their monitors?  An obese women and a little boy running after a toddler who was fucking booking it through housewares.

When I was working I had all these daydreams about what my life and my kids lives would be like if I was a SAHM:

  • My house would be clean.
  • I would be able to cook fancy meals.
  • I would be able to spend quality time with my kids where we would laugh a lot.
  • My kids would listen and respect me.
  • The world would be perfect and Unicorns would come down and fart glitter all over my house.

But then reality hit when I lost my job and the following happened:

  • Those unicorns fart a lot of glitter and the only one sweeping up is me.
  • I rarely find the energy from the lack of sleep and/or time for sweeping or cleaning in general.
  • You try cooking anything with a 2 year old weeping and hugging your leg.
  • My kids sometimes like me and I find myself repeating myself a lot.
  • I repeat myself.
  • I repeat my,  well, you get the idea.

I’m pretty sure I had more spare time for Me when I was working.  BUT, I missed my kids.  That’s why I’m OK and I take crazy days like today.  OK, so I take them with a big ol’ glass of wine at the end of the day.

At the end of the day, after the dust settles (and the kids are asleep) I love my guys.   And life would suck without my stinky monkeys.