Social Media Failure. Link This.

I googled LinkedIn on my phone and it autocorrected itself with Let’s Get Naked.


Of course, I giggled for a few minutes.  I mean.  I do need a job.  But, I’m fairly certain that LinkedIn isn’t used for that type of work. I mean, it could be.  And that would be OK.  I’m not judging peoples professions.

I kept getting emails saying I had requests to connect so I figured it was time to hop back on that website.

Only.  I hate going onto LinkedIn.  I know people say Facebook makes people depressed.  But not me.

Looking at LinkedIn makes me feel like a big pile of dog shit.  I seriously start to get a panic attack looking at all these people in one of my former “professional” lives.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m actually really happy for all these people who are Senior Directors or Vice President of Such and Such.  But shitttttttttt.

Here’s my question.  Do I ‘connect’ with people who I’m also friends with on FB?  I typically don’t.  It’s just that if we do something that is of a professional nature, sure. But I’m not going to connect with you just because we met once at a party years ago and your FB posts make me laugh.

I really must not be using LinkedIn to its potential.

Is LinkedIn worth it??

Only Patch

My Dad, Patch, is a petty ‘cool dude.’ His words, not mine.

He came over bright and early to watch the boys while I went to a Parent Teacher Conference today.  
He brought doughnuts for the boys.  He brought the vacuum for me. 

Sidenote: we can’t keep a vacuum cleaner alive in this house.   We went through two in one month.  I didn’t ask him to bring it. He thought I needed it.

By the time I got home from the conference,  my Dad had vacuumed all the rooms that needed it.  He even cleaned the cat box.  And washed it.  He told me three times that he washed it.

We all went to drop off the youngest at preschool and then came back home.

That’s when my Dad went a tiny little bit crazy.

He took the vacuum to my garage.


I’m not sure my Mom would like the thought that the house vacuum cleaner was used for my garage.

My house is not that much of a mess.  I actually mopped the hardwood floors yesterday.   Its just when Patch has a bee in his cap you just step out of the way and let him do whatever he needs to do.

I love him. He drives me crazy sometimes.  But I love him.

Would You Notice?

Every year, my church participates in Sleep Out Saturday which raises money and awareness for the Bridges Community.  One night a year, both young and old people sleep outside in boxes, tents or in cars to help support our counties less fortunate ones.

A few weeks before Sleep Out Saturday there is always a service at church to remind us of the homeless issue and what Sleep Out is and why helping Bridges as well as PADS makes a difference.

It wasn’t until we watched this video today that made me pause and reflect on my past actions.

The New York City Rescue Mission put this video out.  It struck me like a punch to the gut how we tend to ignore those of us that are homeless.

When I lived in Chicago I tried to never make eye contact with any homeless people.  The few times I did I would sadly shake my head as if to say that I couldn’t help them.  Or was it a wouldn’t help them?

I do recall one specific time when I had a $20 bill in my pocket to use at a coffee shop on the way to work.  It was an extremely crisp late Fall morning.   There was a little girl and her mother hovering in a doorway right next to the coffee shop.  I had made eye contact with the little girl.  I couldn’t look away, she looked so cold.  I gave the little girl my twenty dollars.  She whispered Thank You and I just walked away.  When I told my coworkers they were mad at me.

“How could you make eye contact?” They asked me.

“You know the woman, who probably wasn’t her mother, took it and probably bought drugs!”  They all said completely flabbergasted that I would give someone a twenty dollar bill.

But what if the Mom didn’t?  What if the Mom used that money to buy meals for that day?

I never saw the Mother and child again on my walk to work.

I know that giving someone that is homeless a twenty dollar bill once does not make me a saint. I probably walked past hundreds of people on the streets and never thought twice to look their way.  That fact saddens me.

Homelessness in this country is never going to go away.

I don’t have any answers but I do know that together we can all make a difference. What are you going to do?

Gettin’ Chip Faced

Oh, dear.

When you are trying to lose weight, you watch what you eat.

Last night, I watched an entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s Froyo enter my mouth.

Technically, I didn’t watch myself eating.  I didn’t sit in front of a mirror and eat.  Maybe I should do that next time.

What I did do, was sit in front of the TV watching Sherlock Holmes on Netflix with a brand new pint of Half Baked and a spoon.  As I watched the season 1 season finale (where we finally meet Moriarty) I just kept on eating.  And eating.  And eating.

Next thing I knew the pint was all gone.  Empty.  Fin.  Done.


I usually have restraint while eating Ben & Jerry’s.  For one, it’s not cheap.  Eating it is truly a treat for me.  I like to savor the flavor.

Not this time.   I don’t even remember what the flavors taste like.  I do know that the container says it’s chocolate with brownie pieces and vanilla with cookie dough.  But I don’t remember even eating bits of brownie or cookie dough.


So the question I have for myself is  WHY?  Why would I eat that whole pint of FroYo?

Was I stressed?

Not more than usual.

Was I depressed?

I don’t think so.

Happy? Sad? Glad?  Mad?

No. Non.  Nein.  Nyet.

Was I hungry?

Hmm.  Good question.

I guess I was hungry.  I only had the smallest piece of vegetable lasagna and a little salad from a potluck dinner.  I should have had more salad.

I should have ate something healthier when I got home.

But I didn’t.  I have to own the fact that I got chip faced last night and deal with the hangover today.



Losing It. Just Run, right?

My kindergartner is doing a fun run at school this Friday.  He has been ‘training’ which involves running around the house.  It looks so easy.  He is just running.

So why am I having a problem starting to run?

I have started to do a little running.  I run pushing D in his stroller from the bus stop to our house in the morning after we drop off M.  That is a start, right?

Am I afraid of succeeding?

I had gone to a therapist when I was battling with postpartum depression after M was born.  In the last session with her, I mentioned about being afraid of succeeding.  She told me that was interesting and wrote down a whole hell of a lot of notes.    Is that what my problem is now?

Um, no.

Fat jiggle.

They have sports boulder-holders for the boobies but they don’t have fat holders for all the other jiggly bits overweight people have.  Yeah, I’m down some pounds and I’m getting a little bit more toned than I had been before.  BUT, there is a whole lotta BUTT that jiggles when I run.  It kinda hurts.

But I need to run that BUTT off, right?


I need some tough love, people.  Please give me some advice.

Monday Ramblings.

While we were waiting for the bus this morning, M asked if it was Friday.

Nope.  Nope, it is not.


Lazy Days Calling To You

It is pajama day for D and I today.  Well, I’m in yoga pants, but that’s close enough.  My lady parts aren’t being my friends, so I’m spending the day laying on the couch watching bad movies on the SYFY channel.  Who know Richard Grieco played Loki?  Who is this awful actor playing Thor?


Kettles On, So Don’t Be Long

Today is also comfort food day.  I made cheese sandwiches.  I slathered butter on some white bread and slapped on some colby cheese.  No, I don’t do American ‘cheese’.  No, I didn’t do grilled cheese today.  I “paired” it with a cup of tea.   This is a go- to quick sammy that my Dad loves to make.  It takes him back to tea time back home.

D  licked the butter off the bread first, then ate his bread and now is eating the cheese.   Hey, whatever works.


Life’s too short to be afraid

I still haven’t started training for that 5k in June.  I haven’t worked out at all since Thursday.   I need to try to figure out how to find time to work out during the weekend.  It sounds easy, but it isn’t.

What did I do this weekend?    I did lift a twin size mattress all the way up the stairs to my kids room by myself.   That was something I could have barely done by myself just a six months ago.   I also city-walked (i.e. speed walking) this weekend when hubby and I went to Chicago.   So, that counts for something, right?


Really, Robbie Williams?

I used Robbie Williams lyrics (in bold) in this post.

robbie_williams  Some eye candy for momma on this yucky Monday.

I got this image off the internets.  I’m gonna bet this picture was taken in the ’90s or early ’00s and his body isn’t this, um, fit now.