The Mom Bag aka The Poppins Purse

Most women suffer from The Poppins Purse Syndrome at one time or another.  Women typically carry purses to hold your personal items.   When you become a mother it seems that your purse becomes a Poppins bag.

The other day, I saw a mother that spent several minutes pulling out lunch bags, water bottles, coloring books, crayons, and a book for her to read out of a messenger bag.  It started to look like she would pull out a coat rack any minute.

After I chuckled to myself a little about her bag being a Mary Poppins bag, it got me thinking.     As a mom, you need to keep items in your bag to keep your kids happy, clean and/or hydrated.  You also need your bag to keep items you need. How do some Mom’s do it with a small bag?     I don’t know if I could go without a large bag to put all the shit I need to take with me wherever I go.

For example, today:

This is what I had in my Mom Bag today.    (done with the PhotoGrid app)

This is what I had in my Mom Bag today. (done with the PhotoGrid app)

I went to workout while D was in preschool.  The collage above is what was in my purse when we came home.  I had my water bottle, street shoes, makeup bag, wallet, D’s art, workout binder, and a random straw**.  I love this bag from Sherpani because not only can I hold a bunch of crap in it, there are tons of pockets on the inside and outside of the bag.

What’s in your Mom Bag? Do you suffer from The Poppins Purse syndrome?

*this list is in no real order and these bags can be used separately or together.  ***this doesn’t include what was in the many pockets.