Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

My Dad was born and raised in County Waterford, Ireland.   Growing up, St. Patrick’s Day was mostly a family affair that included having a piece of hot Irish Soda Bread with a cup of tea and then the obligatory corned beef and cabbage.

A few of My Irish Fun Facts

St. Declan was, in fact, the first Catholic to land in Ireland.

Guinness tastes much better in Ireland.

I despise Riverdancing, Celtic Ladies and the Irish Tenors.  Growing up, I listened to The Dubliners, The Clancy Brothers and The Chieftains.  I’m more of an Irish Jig fan.

Corned beef and cabbage will not be consumed in this household.  Yuck.   We will be having lamb stew.  They do not even eat corned beef in Ireland.  The eating of corned beef started when Irish immigrants came to America and substituted the cheapest meat for the cut of meat they use for bacon.  Ham steak is closer, but if I remember correctly, the Irish settled in Jewish neighborhoods in cities on the East Coast.  Ham would have been unavailable.

The Potato.  Growing up, we had potatoes every night.  I rarely make them now.

Green Beer?  Why?  Really.  Why?

Shamrock Shakes?  Ok, I admit I have one once every few years to remind myself why I don’t like them.  Those shakes taste like mouthwash to me.

I prefer The Matchmaker over The Quiet Man, but will probably watch both tonight.

The cuppa’ tea.  When you visit relatives, there is always a cuppa tea involved.  Even if it’s 10 o’clock at night.   There is no better cuppa, then the cuppa you have with family.  If that’s not in an ad somewhere, it should be.

Hope you have a great St. Paddy’s Day!

I will leave you today with a link to one of my favorite songs.  The Dubliners version of “The Rocky Road To Dublin.”

Damn Elf. The finish line.

My goal this season was to take a picture every day of our elf and post it on this blog.  I may have stopped posting pictures on the blog, but I took a picture almost every day.

I had a talk with a family member last week where they ranted for 10 minutes about how much they hated elf pictures this year.  They exclaimed that “nobody fucking cares about fucking elves.”  This person was so sick of “fucking stupid fucking elves on Facebook and Instagram” and that they knew that I was doing it for my ‘bloggy thing’ but nobody cares.  I just listened to them and ended the call as quickly as I could.  I wasn’t angry, I was sad that they didn’t really understand why people post those pictures.

While it may be annoying to see all those pictures on social media, parents are doing the Elf On The Shelf to CREATE MEMORIES for their children.   One of the best sounds in this world is the sound of children laughing.  Every morning  M would run down the stairs and would laugh and say how silly Max was.

Hubby and I always enjoyed how our children reacted each morning. We loved the fact that the ELf was something that M and D will fondly remember as part of our Christmas tradition.

Ready to ride back to the N. P.

Ready to ride back to the N. P.

Side note:  Chip has gone missing.  Maybe he went in search of the mystery “J” from this picture.

They like to do drawings

Happy Holidays!

Damn Elf. Days 8-11??

I betcha were hoping I would stop with the annoying pictures of the elf saga at my house.


If I have to do this until Christmas, you’ll have to suffer with me.  Ok, so suffering is a strong word for it.   I’ll admit that I enjoy watching the boys hunt for Max every morning.  It’s so freaking cute they way they giggle when they see what mischief Max has gotten himself into.

Saturday we found Max and the gang watching some TV.

Sat Dec 7th

I was just hoping they weren’t watching any elf porn.

Sunday we found Max break dancing.  M thought this one was hilarious!

Elf Dec 8

Monday we found Max in the tree.

elf Dec 10

This morning we found Max chillin’ with his snow people.

elf Tue Dec 10

I wonder what Max will end up this week.

No, really.  Do you have any ideas?

Damn Elf. Day ?

We found Max and his gang of merry stuffed friends coloring this morning.


Max colored some xmas trees. Pooh drew a honey pot.  (He might need to go to HA – honey anonymous)
Rexxy drew some dots. Poor thing is a TRex.  He doesn’t have the limbs for coloring.
Chip drew a stocking with J on it.  Who is J?  I smell another back story being developed.

Its only the first week of this Elf crap and I’m already running out of ideas! 

Damn Elf. Day 6

We found Max with Chip, Pooh, and Rexxy playing a word game.


It said be good to mommy.  Oh no! Turns out Max heard the boys being bad last night.  Did this freak the 5 y.o. out?  A bit.  

Is that wrong to do that?  Maybe.
But we are telling kids that a man in a big red suit is breaking into our houses at


That this guy sees you when you’re sleeping and knows when you’ve been bad.  That’s messed up, too.

Before Max and the gang placed the message for the kids, they were having fun with other words:

jingle bells
candy cane

Relax. Yes, they could have done naughty words. They just know Santa knows if they are behaving.

Damn Elf. Day 5

We found Max and Chip patiently waiting for the kettle to boil.


Max was just a number up at the NP.  E0101010 to be exact. Santa doesn’t like the help to converse with one another.
Max enjoys having his own name and having a friend that he can share his thoughts with. 

Chip doesn’t remember where he comes from.   His first memory was having a snotty kid hug him.  Have you ever been used as a kleenex?  It’s not fun.

Max and Chip love to talk about life.  The best way to talk about such things is over a cuppa tea.