International Day Of What?

This past Thursday (3/20) was International Day Of Happiness.  I wouldn’t have known that juicy tidbit if it hadn’t been for social media cramming it down my throat.  But it did make me think of all the things I am happy about.  *stares out the window to reflect*

Let’s see.  I’m happy that not only is it sunny out today, but that it is in the 50s.  I’m happy that Spring is officially here.  I’m trying not to think about the fact that there is a possibility for snow next week.

I’m happy that my boys are healthy and happy.  I’m happy that D loves preschool.  He just started about a month ago and he LOVES it.  I’m happy that M loves school and is enjoying his Hip Hop class.

I’m happy my hubby is excited about his new job.  I’m happy that he seems to be getting his confidence back up.

I’m happy that I’m on the road to a healthier lifestyle.  I just signed up for a 5k!

I’m happy that tonight we are going to see some old friends that we haven’t been able to see all winter long.  Every time we make plans, we’ve had to cancel because of (another) fucking snow storm.

What are somethings that make you happy today?

Have a great weekend!


Thursdays are crazy for me.   I need to find time to post that day.

*good to know 🙂