Reading Time With D

D has 3 books that are must reads in the pile of books that are read during quiet time.  Mommy Calls Me Monkeypants by J. D. Lester & Hiroe Nakata, Yummy YUCKY by Leslie Patricelli and Pajama Time! by Sandra Boynton.

Once a kid latches on to a book they like, they make you read it over and over and over and over and over again.   Reading the same books repeatedly doesn’t bother me too much.  I try to make each time I read a book a little different.

Sometimes I sing the words.  D usually tells me to “Talk the words, Mommy.”  But today he sang along with me to the words of Mommy Call Me Monkeypants. At the end of the book he clapped his hands and said “Yeah, Mommy!”

It’s the little things in life.

I love how D ‘reads’ Yummy YUCKY to me. He likes to point out what is going on in the pictures.  “Look, Mommy! His mouth is on fire!” (Hot Sauce is Yucky)

I like Pajama Time! the best because I used to read it to M a lot when he was D’s age.  It is also a lot of fun to sing.   M didn’t like me singing the words, either.

I’ll have you know that I have a fine singing voice.