Losing It. Just Run, right?

My kindergartner is doing a fun run at school this Friday.  He has been ‘training’ which involves running around the house.  It looks so easy.  He is just running.

So why am I having a problem starting to run?

I have started to do a little running.  I run pushing D in his stroller from the bus stop to our house in the morning after we drop off M.  That is a start, right?

Am I afraid of succeeding?

I had gone to a therapist when I was battling with postpartum depression after M was born.  In the last session with her, I mentioned about being afraid of succeeding.  She told me that was interesting and wrote down a whole hell of a lot of notes.    Is that what my problem is now?

Um, no.

Fat jiggle.

They have sports boulder-holders for the boobies but they don’t have fat holders for all the other jiggly bits overweight people have.  Yeah, I’m down some pounds and I’m getting a little bit more toned than I had been before.  BUT, there is a whole lotta BUTT that jiggles when I run.  It kinda hurts.

But I need to run that BUTT off, right?


I need some tough love, people.  Please give me some advice.

6 thoughts on “Losing It. Just Run, right?

  1. 1) Try just walking briskly. Easier on the joints and some studies show it’s just as effective. I find it better on my back and beer belly.
    2) Don’t give a flying f**k what anyone thinks. They probably not paying any attention to you anyway.
    3) Wear large, loose t-shirts. I’ve got a couple just for walks.
    4) Pedometer. Go for 10K steps a day.
    Good luck, M, but I know you can do it.

  2. Don’t be hard on yourself. Half the battle is getting over the mental hurdle. I still have times when I dread getting out the door. Perhaps finding something that helps distract will help (music is my favorite distraction). Good luck. You will get this!

  3. J st do it. Starting is the hardest part. Even after finishing six marathons I sometimes don’t want to run. So I walk run. Walk faster on walk 30 seconds and then run 10 seconds. Eventually the walks become shorter and the runs longer. Oh and for those who are watching, they’re not the ones doing it. You are!

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