Monday Ramblings.

While we were waiting for the bus this morning, M asked if it was Friday.

Nope.  Nope, it is not.


Lazy Days Calling To You

It is pajama day for D and I today.  Well, I’m in yoga pants, but that’s close enough.  My lady parts aren’t being my friends, so I’m spending the day laying on the couch watching bad movies on the SYFY channel.  Who know Richard Grieco played Loki?  Who is this awful actor playing Thor?


Kettles On, So Don’t Be Long

Today is also comfort food day.  I made cheese sandwiches.  I slathered butter on some white bread and slapped on some colby cheese.  No, I don’t do American ‘cheese’.  No, I didn’t do grilled cheese today.  I “paired” it with a cup of tea.   This is a go- to quick sammy that my Dad loves to make.  It takes him back to tea time back home.

D  licked the butter off the bread first, then ate his bread and now is eating the cheese.   Hey, whatever works.


Life’s too short to be afraid

I still haven’t started training for that 5k in June.  I haven’t worked out at all since Thursday.   I need to try to figure out how to find time to work out during the weekend.  It sounds easy, but it isn’t.

What did I do this weekend?    I did lift a twin size mattress all the way up the stairs to my kids room by myself.   That was something I could have barely done by myself just a six months ago.   I also city-walked (i.e. speed walking) this weekend when hubby and I went to Chicago.   So, that counts for something, right?


Really, Robbie Williams?

I used Robbie Williams lyrics (in bold) in this post.

robbie_williams  Some eye candy for momma on this yucky Monday.

I got this image off the internets.  I’m gonna bet this picture was taken in the ’90s or early ’00s and his body isn’t this, um, fit now.



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