Trying To Be Organized

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, before life became chaotic with diaper changes and the endless loads of laundry, I WAS ORGANIZED.

It was so long ago, I barely remember it.  But it’s true.

You would think that with all this technology literally at my fingertips with smartphones, tablets, and laptops I would be even more organized now.

Nope.  Not at all.

When I saw an ad for a Daily Action Planner on a social media site I had to click on it.

And the OCD freak that I try to suppress, fell in love.

I also ordered a cute journal that I was going to use specifically for jotting down ideas for this here blog.   I was actually geeky excited about my purchases.  It felt a little like my Birthday opening up the package on Saturday.   (It may sounds like I’m over doing it here, but I really was excited.)

The Daily Action Planner was there with its crisp white pages waiting to have my months busy schedule written on it.  But the journal wasn’t.

On Monday, I responded to the confirmation email to inform them that I didn’t get the journal.  Within 24 hours I had a response and a refund!  The first email was that the person was  inquiring with another department to see the status.  Within an hour of the first email I received a follow up giving me the news that it was on back order and asked if I wanted to wait or receive a refund. They also apologized for having the journal listed as available on the website.    Less than a half hour after I responded that I wanted a refund, I got an email  from someone else confirming the refund would be coming to me.    Having worked in Customer Service, I recognize and like to give kudos to excellent Customer Service.  Thank you Savor The Success for making me feel important.

That journal by the way, was only $7.  They could have dragged their feet on a reply. . .



2 thoughts on “Trying To Be Organized

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Once you throw yourself into the realm of mommyhood, organization kind of goes out the window. Of course, we will always try to be organized, but our definition of being organized is now a bit different – for the sake of our sanity. I bought a journal last year and wrote about 3 entries on it. I now rely on post its, although I tend to misplace them….

  2. We are kindred spirits (genetics has NOTHING to do with it! ;o). OCD, organizing, list-making freaks. ….And then life happens and we become anxious, OCD, semi-messy organized, list-making to make life somewhat orderly freaks. I love office supply stores and the Container Store. They make my heart happy.

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