Monday Ramblings.

Last week I was busy trying to keep my kiddos entertained during their Spring Break.

I was also in a bit of a funk last week.  One of the reasons why is because I couldn’t go to a blog conference that I had my heart set on.  I had already bought the ticket to the event.  I just couldn’t justify the other expenses which included renting a car (mine wouldn’t make it) and a hotel.  Originally, I assumed a few things would come into play money wise. Assuming always does make an ass out of me.

Also, something happened that triggered emotions about something I’m not ready to write about, just yet.  Keeping busy with my kids helped a great deal, but didn’t get rid of my mood completely.

On Friday, I realized that I hadn’t actually cooked a meal all week.  Planning, prepping, and cooking a meal actually makes me happy.  Might be a reason why I’m a fatty.  Since Friday, I’ve been cooking, eating, and then making myself  work out at least once a day :-).  The cooking and the exercising has helped me feel better.

By the way, the meals have been healthy-ish.


D is a fucking hooligan.

So it turns out that hubby has somehow let the kids watch a scene in the movie Ted where the main characters sing a song about thunder.   D loves singing it now.  Have you heard it?  Well, picture a 2 year old singing “fuck you thunder, you can suck my dick!”

D sang that line over and over again at the grocery store today.  Yeah, good times.   I tried several times to dissuade him.  Then I just trying to ignore him to see if that would stop.  Nope.  The looks I got were awesome.

Not only does D have a potty mouth, he punched his brother in the eye tonight. WTF?????  Luckily, M’s eye is OK.





4 thoughts on “Monday Ramblings.

  1. Your blog is hilarious! I didn’t see Ted, but maybe I should now! R had such a blast with M on Sunday. Can’t wait to see you again. Maybe time to talk with the kids.

  2. If it makes you feel any better – Amy has mortified me in more stores, museums, and National Parks than I can count. The positive- she has an amazing, curious mind and loves history. The negative- announcing to a shuttle bus full of people visiting Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello estate that “I just LOVE slavery… Don’t you love slavery, Mommy? It’s so awesome!” Want to guess who the only white people on the shuttle were? Yep… Then there’s the time when she was in the bathroom stall with me and announced (LOUDLY), “Mommy, do you need a new tampon? That’s so GROSS!”
    Gotta love it!

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