Losing It! Mommy Guilt

I lost another pound this week, so there is that.  Yeah!

Mommy Guilt

I keep telling myself that I’m doing this all for my boys.  I’m eating healthier and working out to be a better more active mom for the kiddos.  However, some days D doesn’t want to be in the kid care area.  He typically is a happy kid and wants to play with other kids.  It’s those days when he is crying for me not to leave that I feel a little guilty.

Working It!

I ended up working out 5 days last week.  I’m taking advantage of D being in preschool for two hours on Tuesday and Thursday by spending that time doing weights and taking a class.  I took Zumba last Thursday.  I’ve taking Zumba a few times over the past few years.  I always think that I can do that.  But I can’t.  I have no sense of rhythm, at all.  I may or may not go back again tomorrow.

At the table

Kale.  Fucking Kale.  I bought one of those huge Costco size bags of kale last week.  I’ve been eating kale in everything for lunch and dinner since Friday.

No. More. Kale. PLEASE.

When I was typing up my kale notes for this post on my phone, it auto corrected kale to kake.  Which got me thinking. . .

If you added kale to your cake batter whey smoothie would it be called a Kake smoothie???



This weekend may be a challenge because of a family get together.  Next week is Spring Break for the kiddos and the gym is doing a weird Spring Break schedule.  I’m a little nervous that these changes in my schedule is going to mess up my diet.

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