Rearranging Doritos?

Have you ever started some task around the house only to be distracted by another task?


Just me?

What was I saying?

Oh.  Yeah.

Yesterday, I finally got a bee in my butt to move a chair from the living room to the bedroom.  I got the chair for extra seating in the Living Room, but nobody sits in it when they come over.  I want a comfy chair in my bedroom so I can sit and read.

A plan came together.

I lugged the chair up the stairs all by myself.  Yeah!   I had to wiggle the chair through the door.  Wiggle is a technical term for not getting the chair stuck in the door frame.

I got the chair to the corner of the room but I needed to push the nightstands and bed over to move the chair against the wall.

Just push furniture.  That’s easy.

This is where shit got sidelined.

It took a lot of budging to get the bed to move over.  That’s when I realized how badly under the bed needed to be vacuumed.

But my vacuum wouldn’t be able to get under the bed unless I moved the mattress and the boxed frames off the frame.

Why didn’t you just move the bed?  Because it wouldn’t budge, people.  It wouldn’t budge.  The mattress weighs a freaking ton, so lifting that and then finding a place to put it was a challenge.

When I moved the box springs I noticed several piles of cat puke, various toys, lonely socks, the whole area was covered in dust and hair, and a pile of Doritos right below where the head of the bed is.

Doritos???  Fucking Doritos.  How long have the been there?  How have we not had bugs??  Yuck.

I don’t think we have vacuumed under the bed since we painted the room.  We painted the room a year before M was born.

OMG.  It’s been 7 years.

I’m grossing myself out.

I really would like to think the Doritos haven’t been under the bed that long.

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