Losing It! Total Body Torture

First off, I want to thank all of you who reached out and sent me words of encouragement after my post last Wednesday.  Your words meant a lot to me.  Thank you!

Weekly Recap

There was stress eating involved at the end of last week and I’m not proud of it.  Both boys had colds last week and they didn’t sleep well.  Which means I didn’t sleep well.  No sleep means, I wasn’t motivated for much of anything.  Boo.

I was able to lose 1 pound, so there’s that.

Work It!

Total Body Pilates is on Mondays.  It is not really Pilates.  The first time I took it, I’ll be honest, I was pissed off because the name of the class is misleading. What the class is, is free weights and some (a very tiny bit) core work.  I called it Total Body Torture because the next day I was in some serious pain.  Everything was sore. I do realize that pain is a good thing, so I’ve been going back.  The instructor is a bit scary for a class with Pilates in the title. A drill sergeant would be nicer.  Shouldn’t Pilates instructors be calmer?  However, she does make you push harder and that’s what I need sometimes.

Goal For The Week

My goal for the week is to make time to work out 5 days this week.  My goal is to alternate days with cardio and weights.  I shouldn’t be afraid of weights.  Why do those machines scare me?

As for the diet, I need to make sure there are more vegetables around that I can snack on.   I have tons of fruit around, but not a lot of veggies that I can grab and go for a snack.

Next Week

I’ll be writing about feeling mom guilt during this weight loss journey.

3 thoughts on “Losing It! Total Body Torture

  1. 1# a week is 52# a year!! Yes keep those vegs handy. We like the petite cut carrots instead of the baby carrots. Easier to eat and we think taste better

  2. Great! Don’t worry so much about the diet. If you make the gym 5 days a week two things will happen. First, you’ll be more busy and also more tired which will lead to less boredom eating. And 2nd, you will raise your metabolism which will allow you to eat what you want and still lose fat. You might even gain weight, but remember that muscle weighs more. It’s more about firming up, relieving stress, and just feeling better in general. Now I need to take my own advice. 🙂

    One last thing – it’s not about what you eat so much as it is about how much. We as Americans have been programmed to eat WAY to big of portions. Good luck, I’m really pulling for you.

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