It’s Potty Time! (It’s a poopy subject)

Never try using the pee on a froot loop target trick when the kid is hungry. They will sob uncontrollably.
“Froot Loops in bowl, Mommy, NOT in potty!” My Facebook post 2/27/14

After I settled D down from sobbing over freaking froot loops, I shared the experience on Facebook.  I was lucky with M when he was potty training because he was going to daycare full time.  I will be forever grateful for those teachers for a few reasons.  The main reason is because if it wasn’t for them, M would probably be still in diapers.  I have NO idea how to get D to pee in the potty.    Here are some of the tricks I’ve tried so far.

The Underwear Trick

The underwear trick worked for M.  When M got his Thomas the Train underwear he couldn’t wait to wear them. “Bubble Guppies” is one of D’s favorite shows on Nickelodeon.  D took one look at the Guppies underwear and ran away to play.

Potty & TV

OK.  I don’t want my kid getting used to watching TV while taking a shit.  However, he poops (a lot) and he poops in his diapers while watching TV.  So, I thought, what the hell I’ll just put his potty in the living room.  Turns out “the poop went right up, mommy.”

Froot Loop Target

The whole idea is you put a few round cereal pieces in the toilet and have your son use it as a target and pee on it.  I wish I could do that!

I threw a few froot loops in the toilet and had M show D how to use the cereal as a target.  I thought for sure this would look fun to D and he would want to pee just like his big brother.  I was soooo wrong.

I really wasn’t expecting D to start sobbing uncontrollably finally telling me “froot loops in bowl, Mommy.  Not in a potty!”

Potty Training DVDs

What did I watch this past Friday night?  Oh, “Elmo’s Potty Time.”  Jealous?  Guess what?  D just wanted to read some books and go to bed.

I know that when D is ready, this whole potty thing will click for him.  I just need to be patient.   Oh, and I need to get more Froot Loops.  Turns out, he loves those for breakfast.

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