Damn Elf. The finish line.

My goal this season was to take a picture every day of our elf and post it on this blog.  I may have stopped posting pictures on the blog, but I took a picture almost every day.

I had a talk with a family member last week where they ranted for 10 minutes about how much they hated elf pictures this year.  They exclaimed that “nobody fucking cares about fucking elves.”  This person was so sick of “fucking stupid fucking elves on Facebook and Instagram” and that they knew that I was doing it for my ‘bloggy thing’ but nobody cares.  I just listened to them and ended the call as quickly as I could.  I wasn’t angry, I was sad that they didn’t really understand why people post those pictures.

While it may be annoying to see all those pictures on social media, parents are doing the Elf On The Shelf to CREATE MEMORIES for their children.   One of the best sounds in this world is the sound of children laughing.  Every morning  M would run down the stairs and would laugh and say how silly Max was.

Hubby and I always enjoyed how our children reacted each morning. We loved the fact that the ELf was something that M and D will fondly remember as part of our Christmas tradition.

Ready to ride back to the N. P.

Ready to ride back to the N. P.

Side note:  Chip has gone missing.  Maybe he went in search of the mystery “J” from this picture.

They like to do drawings

Happy Holidays!

One thought on “Damn Elf. The finish line.

  1. Love this post….its hard not to listen to people whom you know and trust…but sometimes you have to yield to your own gut instinct…the elf is/was wonderful and I know will be the source of great memories in the future…for all we know…next year, M and J could make their own video which could go viral…about how the elf spent the year waiting for the ‘next Christmas’!

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