Hiding From The Kids

One night, after going to the store to pick up the essentials (milk, diapers and wine) I stayed in my car after pulling in my driveway.  I told myself I wanted to listen to the end of a song.  At the end of that song, I stayed in my car.

I picked up the phone and called my folks.   See, that’s what those people who have no friends do, they call their folks.

My Dad answered and I told him that if the bottle of wine that was in my car had a twist off top I would be drinking it.  It had been that kind of a day.

I guess, when you have a two year old who doesn’t like to nap, that is a typical day.

That call was a few months ago.  Every now and then my Dad likes to ask if I’m hiding in my car again when I call and he doesn’t hear the kids.

Sometimes he can be a sarcastic bastard.

I feel the need to point out a few things:

  • My husband was home with the kids during this time.
  • I was in the driveway – I would never drink a bottle of wine while driving.
  • My Dad really is a sarcastic bastard. But I tell him that with love.  We have that kind of relationship.

I wonder if there is a study about the number of parents who have at one time or another hid from their kids?  Sometimes you just need 5 minutes to just BREATHE and regroup.

Have you ever hid from your kids?

One thought on “Hiding From The Kids

  1. Sometime and enjoy the silence. you need more that5 minutes. When all of you kids were small I use to go to the Forest Preserve down the road and just sit there enjoying the calm. Peace and quiet was great.

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