Damn Elf. Days 8-11??

I betcha were hoping I would stop with the annoying pictures of the elf saga at my house.


If I have to do this until Christmas, you’ll have to suffer with me.  Ok, so suffering is a strong word for it.   I’ll admit that I enjoy watching the boys hunt for Max every morning.  It’s so freaking cute they way they giggle when they see what mischief Max has gotten himself into.

Saturday we found Max and the gang watching some TV.

Sat Dec 7th

I was just hoping they weren’t watching any elf porn.

Sunday we found Max break dancing.  M thought this one was hilarious!

Elf Dec 8

Monday we found Max in the tree.

elf Dec 10

This morning we found Max chillin’ with his snow people.

elf Tue Dec 10

I wonder what Max will end up this week.

No, really.  Do you have any ideas?

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