Eat It! Or don’t. Taking A Wrong Turn In Taste Town

I pride myself of being able to dump a bunch of shit together in a pan and making a delicious dinner.

Tonight was not one of those nights.

I feel like I should share with you my mistake so that you may learn from it.  What will you learn, you ask?

That you possibly may not ever want to come over to dinner.  Ever.

I started out fine.

I sauteed in olive oil an onion, portobello ‘rooms, diced carrots and some garlic with some salt and pepper.  My original plan was to possibly cube up a ham steak and also add shredded brussels sprouts.   But then I realized I had ground beef that needed to be used today so I also added some cumin, basil, thyme.

That’s when I took that wrong turn in Taste Town.  But lets face it, the other dish wasn’t going to taste that great either. . . We were screwed either way.

I decided to make something similar to chilli mac.  I went to the cupboard and pulled out the following:

  • white northern beans
  • chopped black olives
  • crushed tomatos
  • tomato sauce
  • little shell pasta

When it all came together it looked less than appetizing to me.  It also smelled similar to infant poop.  I blame the olives.  Why did I throw in olives?  Why???


Between the mushy beans and the smell of the olives, it was a struggle to eat this.  The only thing that helped was a glass of Gnarly Head Old Vine Zin.

Oh well,  not every dinner can be a winner.

2 thoughts on “Eat It! Or don’t. Taking A Wrong Turn In Taste Town

  1. well, you definitely started out good and obvi had good intentions…. the basil-thyme-cumin combo is probably what killed it…. those three tend to be really strong on their own… Had you gone solely with the cumin, you would have had chili-esque… (you could have even hinted with oregano as that sometimes shows up in Mexican dishes…) the olives would have been great on top, uncooked. You were def on the right track! And, I commend you on your efforts! 🙂

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