Wine Time: Paso Robles Wines

When my folks make their annual trip to see my sister in California they all like to go to Paso Robles.  I’ve never been, but they tell me its beautiful.  I love when my folks come back and bring me some wine, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

This past spring, the folks brought 3 bottles of wine back for me to try.

I finally opened up Eberle Winerys Full Boar Red recently.  I loved that it was a smooth table red.  The red was great for just sipping while watching the TV and relaxing.

I drank the Tobin James 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon in July.   I have to say it was one of the best bottles of wine I’ve ever had!  I just wish I could remember what it tasted like to describe why I thought it was fucking fantastic.

I texted this pic to my sister in CA to tell her Thank You for the awesome wine.

I texted this pic to my sister in CA to tell her Thank You for the awesome wine.

Please don’t judge me too harshly on this last wine.  Personally, I have never been a big fan of white zinfandel. However, white zin is what the ladies in my family drink during family gatherings.  When my mom gave me a bottle of Castoro Cellars White Zinfandel, I did my obligatory smile and politely thanked her.  Then she told me we were drinking it for dinner that night.

Castoro Cellars White Zinfandel was the best white zin I have ever had in my entire life.   I’ve had my share of white zin, so trust me on this one.   It was so smooth and the perfect balance of sweet and dry to it.

I hope one day that I’ll be able to make it out to Paso Robles.   In the meantime, I can’t wait to see what my folks get me next time they are out there!

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