I Heart Tea (part 1)

It is hotter than Satan’s taint where I live. (I got that saying from the twitterverse, btw.)  I know that may seem an extremely vulgar expression, but it pretty much explains the temperature outside.

It is so hot that M’s school has been closed due to a “Heat Day” for the second day in a row.  Not only is is hot but I have a cold.  This cold has been going around our house since last week and I’m really glad that the kiddos wanted to share it with me.

Needless to say, I’m in a rotten mood.

You know what helps cheer me up when I’m in a rotten mood? Besides wine, that is.


There is something that is calming in the hot cuppa tea when you’re upset or not feeling well.   When it’s hot out my Dad swears a hot cuppa will cool you down.

I think I’ll let the gentlemen rapper Professor Elemental inform you further on ‘the cup of the brown stuff’.

One thought on “I Heart Tea (part 1)

  1. Sorry to hear you have a cold… summer colds are the worst bc it’s hot, and you’re hot and well… it just sucks. I like your post today bc it reminds me that since fall/winter is coming, I will be planning a tea party… and, I will be sure to put you on the invite list. 🙂 I like tea as well. its just… nice. hope you feel better soon.

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