Looking On The Bright Side

This Friday has started out kinda poopy.    D (the two year old) stuck his toothbrush down the sink.  Its stuck good and tight.  There a few other issues today, but I’m going to try to focus on some positive things.

  • M (the five year old) seems to love school.  I hope he continues to love school, at least for this year anyway.
  • This Sunday is the Ingathering Ceremony at my church.   This service also includes what is called a Water Communion. Members bring some water from a place that they went to over the summer Or from a place that is special to them.  We all pour our water into a basin and it symbolizes the coming together of the congregation back from summer. I love watching families tell us where their water is from.
  • This Sunday also is the public dedication of the new sanctuary at my church.  Its  a really big deal even the president of the UUA will be there.

(I realize both of those two are religious based, this blog won’t be preachy.  In fact, if I do write anything regarding religion it may be about questioning my own beliefs.)

  • It’s September, which means Fall is just around the corner.  I love the cooler weather and when the leaves change color.
  • I’m writing again!!  It’s been a long time since I actually wrote anything.
  • Tonight is pizza, popcorn, milkshakes and movie night with my boys!
  • Some people are reading my blog and I have proof.

Guess what?  I feel better.  Thanks for helping me look on the bright side of life.  I typically expect the Spanish Inquisition. 🙂


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