Eat It! Or don’t. Razzy ‘fruit Quick Bread

Eat It! Or don’t will be a series of posts about my misadventures in baking.

I would love to say that I’m a great baker.
I would love to say that.
The truth is that I’m not.
Not. Even. Close.

You ever get sucked into that food porn they show on the Cooking Channel and get inspired to bake something that looked so sexy on the show?

No?  Just me?

I think you’re lying.

Recently, I watched an episode where the commentators were discussing how wonderful this Raspberry and Grapefruit quick bread was.
By definition, quick bread is quick. Right? So I should be able to do that.
I had some fresh raspberries on hand because of a sale at the grocery store.
I even had a grapefruit that seemed lonely in the fruit bowl.
So, why not give it a go? Right?

I have a Jiffy baking mix that I know makes good banana nut bread, so I decided to use that recipe and ‘jazz’ it up.
Instead of all white sugar, I used some brown sugar as well. I also added some vanilla. Used a pint of raspberries and segmented the grapefruit and used the juice from the grapefruit as well.


top: right out of the oven. middle: oops, trying to pop it out of the pan. bottom: fresh hot loaf.

Drum roll please. . . .
Right out of the oven, I didn’t think it was that great.  Turns out grapefruit bits aren’t that yummy hot.  I also thought I may have put in too much brown sugar.
The next day at room temperature it was pretty good.
My 5 year old gobbled his piece all up and asked for more!
Would I make it again?  I think I would like to monkey around with the recipe further. So, I guess that answer is Yes.

How would you have made the bread?

6 thoughts on “Eat It! Or don’t. Razzy ‘fruit Quick Bread

  1. hmmm….I never would have considered grapefruit in quickbread….mostly because it is so sour, even when sweetened. in any case, I am intrigued. I make a mean banana walnut bread… but have been tempted to fudge with it and use blueberries and pecans instead…

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