Wine Time: Tempted By A Tempranillo

I was really looking forward to this Campo Viejo Rioja Tempranillo 2010.

I mean,  I’ve been almost counting the minutes for the kids bedtime to open this bottle.  I love tempranillos and I hadn’t tried this particular one yet.

Then this happened.

This is why I like screw tops on wine.

Do you see the bobbing cork?

If this isn’t an endorsement for screw tops on wine, I don’t know what is.

It took a good 10 minutes to get the cork to budge either in or out of the bottle. I ended up using a pairing knife to push it in.

I know what you’re thinking.    Why?

I say why not?

Besides, I threw out the receipt.

Are there cork strainers that one could purchase? Or do you need to use your tea strainer to gather those bits of cork that come out and ruin your glass of wine?

I poured out a little of the wine and dumped it out because that had a lot of those corky bits.

The second glass was going to be mine no matter what.

Damn! Where is that tea strainer? I know I have one.

I only had to take out a few large chunks of cork, so that was a plus. Then I took a sip.
The description is accurate. I mean, its a red wine, so duh – its going to have aromas of red fruit and spices. Its that whole vanilla thing that gets me. What’s with the vanilla? This is the second bottle in two weeks claiming a vanilla taste and I don’t taste it.

I like this wine. The first sip was a little rough.  But I think that was just some of the cork (ha ha).  But all in all its a good tempranillo.

Will we finish the bottle? That all depends on the way the cork disintegrates.

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