Driving Me UP A Wall

When my sisters and I were being particularly obnoxious my Mom would take a long drag on her cig. She would then say “You kids are driving me UP a wall!”

Now this confused me a little because she wasn’t in a car and she was nowhere near a wall.

I understand now what my Mom meant.  The kiddos have been particularly obnoxious the past few  days.  I have also noticed  that I’m not the only Mom who is or has lost her shit this week.

On Sunday, we went to the zoo.   Right at the entrance gate  I heard a Mom ask her daughter (who was in full tantrum mode) if she was going to ruin their day so soon.
My hubby and I both laughed, but only because we knew how she felt.  We were just hoping to get through the day without anyone having a meltdown.

At the store today,  I saw not one but three different Moms that were at the brink of losing their shit because their kids were whining and/or crying.  One Mom told her straggling kid who was sobbing behind her that he better hurry up or she would leave him there at the store. Too harsh?  Maybe. I doubt she would actually leave her kid there.  The poor lady was at her limit.

The question remains WHY are kids acting out this way right now?  And WHY do all parents seem to be this close to a mental breakdown?     Summer is coming to a close and the new school year starts in a few weeks. 
Are kids struggling with the lack of a some type of a schedule and acting out because of it?  
Is the lack of sympathy/patience from most parents simply because school is around the corner and we are just counting the days?

I would love to hear your thoughts!


Mother (Photo credit: Masashi Mochida)

One thought on “Driving Me UP A Wall

  1. Kids are bored!! I would love to say as they grow older the condition improve with age, but it doesn’t. The situation only changes with the times and you gain more and more gray hairs. Also, it’s not helpful that as we age we loss more and more the ability to apply patience to our lives. In other words wine and cigs were my drug of choice. Just remember that September is around the corner.

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