My Stinky Monkeys

Today, as my 5 year old and I were running through Target to catch the 2 year old I did briefly think  ‘What is stopping me from just letting the boys run wild and me going to the liquor aisle, take anything I can open, sit down and just drink.”

Then my 5 year old starting laughing about how absurd (ok, my word not his) the situation is and all I could do was laugh with him. Because it was funny.  Can you imagine what the security guards were seeing on their monitors?  An obese women and a little boy running after a toddler who was fucking booking it through housewares.

When I was working I had all these daydreams about what my life and my kids lives would be like if I was a SAHM:

  • My house would be clean.
  • I would be able to cook fancy meals.
  • I would be able to spend quality time with my kids where we would laugh a lot.
  • My kids would listen and respect me.
  • The world would be perfect and Unicorns would come down and fart glitter all over my house.

But then reality hit when I lost my job and the following happened:

  • Those unicorns fart a lot of glitter and the only one sweeping up is me.
  • I rarely find the energy from the lack of sleep and/or time for sweeping or cleaning in general.
  • You try cooking anything with a 2 year old weeping and hugging your leg.
  • My kids sometimes like me and I find myself repeating myself a lot.
  • I repeat myself.
  • I repeat my,  well, you get the idea.

I’m pretty sure I had more spare time for Me when I was working.  BUT, I missed my kids.  That’s why I’m OK and I take crazy days like today.  OK, so I take them with a big ol’ glass of wine at the end of the day.

At the end of the day, after the dust settles (and the kids are asleep) I love my guys.   And life would suck without my stinky monkeys.


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