Puck It’s Hot!


Summer (Photo credit: jikyuy)

“Puck Its Hot!”

I’m pretty sure that’s what my 2 year old said in the back seat the other day when we were driving to pick up his brother.   The a/c in my car broke down the week before a heat wave.

As a kid we didn’t have a/c in our Ford Fairlane.  You just had to shvitz it out.  Hoping that when you went to get in or out of the car the pleather didn’t hurt the back of you legs.  Hot pleather hurts, my friends.

Back to my car.  Hot and grumpy little ones are no fun.  So when we drove the 45 minutes from our house to my folks the other day I was trying to think of ways to cool off.

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

Nope. Nothing really worked.

But I did remember those summers as a kid driving around with no A/C.

One summer we drove to the movies during a long heat wave.  We saw “Goonies“, “Gremlins” and “The Ghostbusters“.  How my baby sister (who was the same age as M is now (5) )had my mom check under her bed for weeks after we saw “Gremlins.”

The times we went to the beach at a nearby town and how we met up with my moms friend we called Auntie Sherry and her daughter.  Auntie Sherry would wear this brown plaid bathing suit that looked like it was from the 1960s.    At the end of the day we would  have to open the 2 doors on the Fairlane to let it “cool down”.  We would then put the wet towels on the back seat which was much better than the alternative of scorching hot pleather on our bare legs.

One summer my mom, my aunt and 6 little kids (aged 10-3) hopped in the Fairlane more than once to go to the beach, the park and even one adventure that would take us to visit our new house 90 minutes away.    Side note : My Aunt and Uncle and their 3 kids lived with us for a few years.  (You bet there will be future posts of the 10 of us.)

Technically the trip down memory lane didn’t help me cool down.  It was nice to remember.   Specifically, it was great to remember how horrible pleather is.

2 thoughts on “Puck It’s Hot!

  1. I’m relatively certain that brown plaid swimming suit from the 60’s would be totally en vogue right now! :o)

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