10 Things I Like (that are unpopular)

My FB friends have been posting a list of “10 things I hate that are unpopular.”   I like to go against the grain, so I’ve come up with a list of  10 things I LIKE that are unpopular.

  1. Hairy chested men – just how I roll.
  2. Gin Martinis – my first martini was made with gin.  Also, vodka is the devil.
  3. Pineapple pizza – yes, I like pineapple on pizza.  You don’t have to eat it 🙂
  4. Zinfandel (red, not white) –  I like the history of old vine zinfandel.
  5. Dark Chocolate – why do people hate on dar chocolate?
  6. Alone time – if you are like me and know a lot of extroverts this unpopular
  7. Pauly Shore Movies – my favorite is Son In Law.
  8. Breaking out in song doing mundane tasks – people (family) look at me funny.
  9. Barry Manilow (only albums from the 70s) – I was told “Manilow” was one of my first words.
  10. Topo Chico mineral water – plain.  no fancy flavors.

It was nice to stop freaking out about the state of the world right now and think about things I like.